The SoloGen Management Team

Sologen Systems LLC is a clean energy development company focused on providing innovative “low carbon” electricity production solutions to commercial, governmental and utility customers.

SoloGen has carefully assembled a diverse management and operational team, including three collaborating groups.

Management – SoloGen has a management team with decades of experience in the oil and gas, geothermal and renewable energy industries.  These members have backgrounds in petroleum engineering, oil & gas drilling and operations, renewable energy, finance and sales & marketing.  SoloGen will operate with a lean, agile, cost effective team capable of moving quickly and efficiently.

Strategic Partner Companies –  SoloGen has partnered with established energy industry service providers, manufacturers, professional services firms and mineral rights owners.   These service-providers will allow SoloGen to quickly ramp up its size on a timely basis and cost effectively implement SoloGen’s business plan.

Institutional Relationships - SoloGen has built strong relationships with multiple academic institutions to provide guidance in the areas of geology, engineering, renewable energy, and environmental issues.

The Management Team

Frank M. Smith, President, CEO & Founder

Byron L. Buzzini, VP, Field Operations

Mike T. Mullady, VP, Solar

Mike Weinnig, VP, Business Development

Austin R. Smith, VP, Information Technology