Brundage Management’s A-AAAKey Mini Storage Is San Antonio’s Largest Solar Owner


Contact: Mike Weinnig 
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San Antonio, TX, November 1, 2012

Brundage Management’s A-AAAKey Mini Storage Is

San Antonio’s Largest Solar Owner

A-AAAKey Mini Storage Installs 474 kW of Solar Energy

Brundage Management Company’s A-AAAKey Mini Storage has installed 474 kW of solar energy systems at 9 of their San Antonio area climate controlled storage facilities. The combined capacity of 474 kW makes Brundage Management the largest owner of “net metered” solar energy in San Antonio.

The initial 39.6 kW system was installed in the Spring of 2011 and evaluated on the system’s electricity production and financial savings during the Summer and Fall 2011. Based on system’s performance, the decision was made to expand at the initial location as well as install systems at 7 additional climate controlled locations across the San Antonio area. In June 2012, additional expansions were started at each of the existing locations as well as an initial system at a newly constructed storage facility to bring their total to 474kW.

According to Bert Denson, Brundage Management’s VP of Operations and Maintenance, “These solar energy systems will allow us to control our electricity costs for years to come while electricity rates rise over time.”

SoloGen Systems, a clean energy developer worked with Self Reliant Solar, a CPS Energy certified solar installer to provide Brundage Management with a turnkey solution that included the project designs, rebate applications/processing, installations, permitting, inspections and US Treasury Grant processing.

Brundage Management Company, Inc. (BMC) performs all management functions from its headquarters in San Antonio, TX. BMC provides management services for Sun Loan Company and A-AAA Key Mini Storage in thirteen states and Mexico.

SoloGen Systems, LLC is a San Antonio-based clean energy developer with solar energy, geothermal and water conservation business units. SoloGen specializes in solar energy systems for businesses in San Antonio and Austin.

Self Reliant Solar brings extensive expertise in solar panel power design and installation, plus unrivaled experience in electrical energy and alternative energy battery storage for homeowners, businesses and rural energy power users, such as concert producers and oil rigs.